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Posted on 02-13-2016

Pet Dental Health Month Answer #2

The answer to Friday's true or false questions is...FALSE! Pet tooth paste does not help remove tartar and plaque build-up.

Pet tooth paste has a very tasty flavor that allows you to brush your pets teeth with more easy, but it doesn't help removed tartar or plaque. However, you can buy chews to help remove tartar and plaque. Dr. Hughes recommends C.E.T. chews, which you can get at Petsmart. C.E.T. chews have a chemical called "Chlohexidine" in them which will reduce the amount of bacteria and yeast in the mouth, much like chewing gum helps us keep our mouths clean during the day. Another option to help keep your pets mouth clean, is to regularly give them snacks or toys they have to chew on, this offers the same affect as brushing their teeth. DO NOT give your pet antlers to chew on! Antlers are extremely hard and have been known to crack and break dogs teeth, causing pain, infection, and dental problems. Instead give your pet, Kong Toy's, Soft Nylabone's, or Greenie's, all of these products will help keep your pets teeth clean and health. 

Thank you and be sure to tune in to our Facebook Page next Friday for our next Pet Dental Health Month Question!

Thank you to all who participated in our event last Friday we appreciate your support! If you are just joining us February is Pet Dental Health Month, so every Friday during the month of February we will be posting a new Pet Dental Health Question on our Facebook page, which you can answer for the chance to win a Pet Dental Health Starter Kit.

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